ARC (Afghanistan Reconstruction Company), LLC.    

Established in 2002, ARC is one of the largest local groups engaged in construction, trading, manufacturing, banking, leasing/financing, agro-based businesses, carpet weaving and import/ export etc. ARC is the parent organization of AFC (Afghanistan Finance Company). 

Together with one of Turkey's largest construction companies, ARC has established ARC Construction Company LLC to perform infrastructure reconstruction throughout Afghanistan. ARC Construction has a wide range of heavy construction equipment as well as stone crushing plants, asphalt plant, concrete batching plants, and trained personnel in Afghanistan and has been engaged in major projects including the Kabul-Kandahar road project and building U.S Embassy in Kabul. Together with local contractors, ARC Construction aims to bridge local content with global resources by using its extensive country knowledge and capability. ARC Construction has been bringing the expertise and resources necessary during the reconstruction process.

Afghanistan Reconstruction Company, LLC ("ARC") has been importing international resources together with Afghan business and non-business leaders to help rebuild Afghanistan's economy. ARC has attracted a core of experienced businessmen committed to reconstructing Afghanistan's physical infrastructure and reviving

Afghan business and commercial institutions. ARC has been establishing an extensive network throughout the country founded on maximizing local Afghan participation.

ARC is controlled by several members of the Afghan diaspora in USA, Europe and Middle East with a distinguished Afghan heritage. ARC has already deployed a large amount of capital through several projects. ARC fully intends to deploy additional capital of its own and to attract both public and private capital to the rebuilding task ahead.




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