AFC Operating Lease Division offers the facility of renting the vehicles and equipment for the duration it is needed. The operating lease solutions provide full use of an asset while avoid many risks associated with the ownership of equipment such as depreciation, obsolescence and asset disposal. An operating lease acts as a true hiring arrangement where the rental is treated as an expense and allows equipment off balance sheet for accounting purposes.

Salient Features

AFC provides vehicles and equipment on medium to long term rentals.
The equipments are rented along with entire range of services such as managing operations, maintenance, repair, replacement, up-gradation and logistics through our experienced asset manager.
Lease payments are tax deductible thus reducing the rental cost of equipment. 
AFC has the flexibility to adapt its products according to customer requirements by offering a tailor-made solution.

Benefits of Operating Lease

Access to the most modern equipment and technology without the associated cost of ownership.

Hedge against equipment obsolescence.

Hassle-free delivery and start-up of equipment.

No worry about disposing of equipment.

Flexible rental payment arrangement.

Preserve customer credit lines.


Enhanced ROA & ROE ratios as operating lease is not reflected on balance sheet.


    • Generators
    • Agricultural Equipment
    • Vehicle
    • Communication Equipment
    • Used Rental Equipment also available for sale

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