AFC aims to maximize shareholder value by drawing on its extensive array of specialized capabilities to continuously provide to its customers with value-added financial solutions especially in the agriculture sector.


Afghanistan is an agricultural country and hence majority of the common men are directly or indirectly engaged in agro related activities. We, at AFC, are primarily focused to finance agro-related businesses including farmers, growers and agro-allied processors etc.  

AFC seeks its development through its nationwide presence by constantly anticipating and monitoring emerging trends and offering new and innovative financial products especially for agriculturists that create long lasting value for our customers.

AFC pioneers, introduces and offers value-added financial products which are not only competitive in terms of desirability and price, but also fulfill the financial needs of our customers by consistently increasing our value to them as an efficient source of financial services.

AFC aims to enhance superior professional competencies by creating a culture that fosters openness and innovation, promotes individual growth and at the same time rewards initiative and performance.









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