At AFC…..…We Care

We provide encouraging environment that welcomes innovative thinking, appreciates excellence, rewards achievements and empower people to perform to the best of their ability. Being the "best" in our business means being able to attract, develop and retain the best talent in the business. Talent that has a burning desire to leverage skills and experience an association that promises mutual growth and success. On our part, we provide a market driven compensation and benefits package, a professionally challenging environment, excellent learning opportunity and a culture built on time tested values and beliefs.

Training & Development

Stemming from our mission to provide the most enriching professional growth opportunities for our employees, we at AFC are committed to constantly investing in the growth and development of our employees. For this, our senior expatriate staff members are always dispensing both technical and managerial skills are an on going activity. Besides the regular on-the-job training, we also provide our employees the best available learning opportunities through attending various professional workshops and training seminars etc.

Benefits Offered

We offer an array of perks and benefits to our employees that are comparable with any other organization of high repute.

Performance Management

Upon joining AFC, our competency based performance management system sets a clear agenda for contribution to the organization's goals. Yearly reviews and instant feedback helps to gauge your progress. Your performance is evaluated on the extent to which you have contributed to the organization's goals which results into the deserved intrinsic and extrinsic reward

Best HR Activities

AFC is trying to put its best contribution in the development of its human recourses.



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